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Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Want long lasting but natural hair extensions?

For those who have dabbled with clip in extensions and are now looking for a semi-permanent hair care solution, pre bonded hair extensions deliver a natural look and a long lasting finish. Available in 18 inch or 20 inch lengths and a multitude of colour varieties, we have an extension to suit everyone.

Designed to give you a voluminous head of hair, pre bonded extensions are carefully layered by an expert, so that you're left with a natural but noticeable new look. These semi-permanent hair extensions are created by applying a Keratin based adhesive at one end, before being bonded to your own hair with a specialist heat clamp or fixing tool. Once heated the extensions are attached to your natural hair, thus providing a longer lasting result than when using clip ins or another type of hair extension.

If your pre bonded hair extensions are taken care of, they will stay beautifully soft for up to 9 months. As they are treated with a special Keratin formula the extensions should not matt, shed or fray at the ends, meaning you retain beautiful glossy locks for the whole duration. The bonds we use at Kapello are made from a strong yet transparent Keratin, which means they are barely visible to the human eye once fitted. The bonds are also made from a high quality material meaning they don't damage natural hair, unlike many other bonded extensions available on the market.

Strong yet comfortable hair extensions

While offering some of the longest lasting results, pre bonded hair extensions are also incredibly comfortable to wear and maintain. After your extensions have been fitted by a professional and settled, you will barely notice that they're even there. Sleeping, swimming, brushing and bathing won't be a problem - your extensions can be treated just like real hair. You can even style your extensions with tongs and straighteners, as long as heat protection is used.

Professional salon looking for a pre bonded hair extension supplier?

In addition to selling our range of pre bonded extensions to clients, we also supply to hundreds of salons and professionals, who can apply our extensions with ease. Once fitted, clients will need to return for maintenance purposes as their hair grows. We recommend that the first touch-up appointment should take place around 3 months after the initial application.

Unlike most products on the market, our high quality Keratin bonds mean that our extensions aren't damaging to your clients' hair. Our transparent bonds don't become tacky or slack over time and are barely visible as a result of their 100% transparent appearance.

If you're looking for natural looking, long lasting hair extensions, browse our range today!

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