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Pre Bonded
hair extensions

strong and luscious

Discover the brilliance of Pre Bonded hair extensions and be amazed how it delivers stunning looks that last. The secret is in Pre Bonded's super strong Italian Keratin bonds for hair that feels as natural as it looks.

A semi-permanent hair extension, The Pre Bonded manufacturing process involves placing bonding Keratin adhesive at one end of the extension. An extension specialist then attaches the bonded tip of the extension to your hair with a professional heated clamp called a fusion tool. The stylist then squeezes the top and bottom sections of the fusion tool together and applies pressure to melt the adhesive, bonding your natural hair securely to the extension.

With proper care, Pre Bonded hair extensions will stay gorgeous for up to 9 long months. Special Kapello Keratin formula keeps all hair extension strands inside the bond with no danger of shedding. Keratin bonds are designed to be flat for maximum discretion.

While being ultra strong, Pre Bonded hair extensions are also flexible and comfortable as well as long lasting and much less likely to go soft and tacky. This means you will love your hair and can keep on loving it for longer! Kapello bonds and made from super strong, completely transparent Keratin formula and when fused to the natural hair they are barely visible.

Designed for extreme durability, you can wash, brush, style, swim, exercise and do just about anything while wearing Pre Bonded without fear of them falling out!

For Salon Professionals:

Pre Bonded hair extensions can be applied with a great deal of accuracy, allowing stylists to create a tailored, high quality, and ultra natural look. The Pre Bonded process can take up to 2 hours and clients will need regular salon visits to maintain results as hair grows. We recommend maintenance every 3 to 4 months depending on how fast their hair grows.

Kapello Keratin bonds are non damaging for natural hair unlike some other prebonded hair extensions or stick tip extensions, as they are commonly called which use synthetic glues and harsh chemical removers. Gentle on hair, our specially formulated bonds are made with a unique Keratin protein which mimics the molecular structure of human hair. This makes it less damaging and resilient against elements such as heat, water and UV light. To remove bonds, simple spray on Kapello Solvent Bond Remover, crush the bond gently with pliers and extensions will simply slide out.

Pre Bonded, like Pre Taped hair extensions in the UK are extremely popular as they are some of the most realistic looking extensions available on the market. For more on Kapello Pre Taped, click here.

Fall in love with the perfect balance of weight, shine and strength all wrapped into our ultra high quality Pre Bonded hair extensions.

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